The department is in charge of following-up with the situation and the complaints of Christians.


  • To stand by the side of all Christians, to listen to the challenges and problems they face through personal accompaniment.
  • To provide them with support and assistance to find solutions to their problems and improve their situations through contacting Labora’s relations in the public sector.

The mechanism followed by Labora

*Define a schedule.

*The person concerned or a person acting in his capacity must come in person to Labora offices.

* Fill out the application form.

*Meeting the person in charge of the department of complaints and reviews or the person who replaces him/her.

*Provide all necessary documents to complete the file.

*Carry out a follow-up on the case by the person in charge at Labora.

*Write a report on each case.

*Submit the report as well as its result to the President of Labora within a week of the interview.

*Notify the person concerned of the final result.

Note: a request can be rejected if it can be ascertained that the information delivered is untrue.


Who we Are

Our vision is to secure a decent work, a sustainable and stable income to ensure the healthy diversification of the Lebanese Community and work to encourage Lebanese individuals to have an effective contribution in the nation building through public sector institutions.