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Public Sector

Objectives of the Public Sector Department:

  • Raise the awareness of individuals of their role in state-building and of the importance of state resources and how to make use of them.
  • Increase the number of individuals who benefit from the public sector by providing them with available public sector job openings and assisting them to gain access to these jobs to make use of the benefit packages offered in addition to  helping them understand their rights and obligations.

The department comprises the following sections:

- Orientation, training and skills development.

-Complaints and reviews.

-Delegates, volunteers and specialized groups.

-Counselling and support.

The Labora orientation specialists focuse on raising the awareness of Christian job seekers about the importance of the public sector and of turning to job openings available within all state institutions to restore equilibrium  and preserve Lebanon’s message of diversity and coexistence.

The orientation department comprises the following services:

Orientation focused on work ethics, career guidance and on explaining worker rights and responsibilities as granted by legislation.

Target groups: universities, schools, parishes, municipalities, clubs, scout groups, apostolic movements, political parties, associations and other beneficiaries.

The orientation department has as an objective to raise awareness about turning to job openings within the state and to activate national ethical conduct in state institutions.

The training department

Labora network of specialists provide job seekers with the training and the knowledge needed to apply for vacancies in the public sector through the Civil Service Bureau. Training courses are taught in all required subjects: informatics, programming, dictation, mathematics, economy, how to act at a job interview and other subjects.

Note: You are required to search our database of available job opportunities and to register in training workshops.

The recruitment section is in charge of the following missions:

* Collecting information on job opportunities available as well as on the details and conditions regarding these job openings.

*Notifying the biggest number of job applicants about the vacancies in the public and the private sector.

*Registering the names of job applicants as well as providing them with assistance and training.


Delegates are a part of Labora’s large family and they represent the association in their region or in the company they work for. They are conscious that they work for the sake of a supreme social cause. The delegates section comprises the representatives of regions, clubs, associations, institutions, universities and schools as well as civil society organizations and political parties.


The section carries out a follow-up on the update of each applicant recruited in the public sector through Labora.

The mission of this section is to carry out the follow-up on the situation of candidates recruited in the public sector and listen to their complaints about the problems they face. The section is also in charge of providing assistance and support to these candidates in order to find the right solutions and improve their situation. However, a request can be rejected if it can be ascertained that the information delivered is untrue.

Receiving candidates successfully recruited

The Labora strategy comprises the follow-up of the situation of candidates successfully recruited through Labora by listening to their problems. Labora organises celebratory periodic meetings to achieve its goals:

1-Labora’s first goal is celebratory, to bring everyone together to join in the celebration of the recruitment of the candidate.

2- Carrying-out the follow-up of successful candidates and the strengthening of brotherly ties between these candidates and Labora.

3-Activating the partnership between Labora and the successful candidates by introducing the candidates to the designated priorities of Labora and involving them in spreading the message of the association.

Counselling and support

The state allocates each year, within its budget and the foreign aid it receives, financial contribution and assistance to the civil society organizations, institutions and individuals, in all fields related to development, society, health, agriculture, culture, environment and others.   

Lebanese are sometimes unaware of how to gain access to these benefits due to their lack of knowledge. Thus, the counselling and support section assists individuals in having their rights preserved.

Objectives of the department

*Raise the awareness of Lebanese people about how to gain access to the aid services provided by the ministries.

*Provide more incentives to youth to settle and put down roots through development aids.

*Assist Lebanese people in developing their capacities and capabilities.

*Contribute to ensure a balanced development of all Lebanese regions.

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Who we Are

Our vision is to secure a decent work, a sustainable and stable income to ensure the healthy diversification of the Lebanese Community and work to encourage Lebanese individuals to have an effective contribution in the nation building through public sector institutions.